06 April 2015

Congrats to FHS Robotics!

Your very own FHS FIRST Robotics team competed in the Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional competition at Williams arena this past weekend and had its most successful year yet!  63 teams from across the globe (yes, two teams from China) competed in this years game called Recycle Rush.  The object of the game is to stack totes and recycling containers with optional “litter” points for placing pool noodles in the recycling containers.  Here is a video of our team (#2987) competing for reference:

After 9 qualifying rounds, FHS came in ranked #12 and formed a 3 team alliance with Roseville HS and Bloomington Jefferson HS for the finals.  Our alliance advanced to the quarterfinals where we were eliminated placing us 5th overall for the competition (our highest finish yet)!  These students put in countless hours designing, building, programming, scouting, and fundraising over the course of the entire school year to make this happen.   We are extremely proud of the way they not only competed, but how they represented our school and community at the 3 day regional competition.  If you see the following students, give them a high five for a job well done!

Lizzie Cash
Hailey Berg
Katie Mechelke
Ashley Neurauter
Siri Orser
Angie Schauer
Corey Knutson
Alex Jensen
Conner McCarthy
Dylan Barton
Ethan Hensch
Jack Wiggert
Michael Dorenkamp
Berik Kallevig
Dan Rogiers
Joe Peroutky
Rupsa Raychaudhuri
Ira Raber
Ethan Krein
Jackson Schneider


Robotics Advisors:  Dave Stauffer & Spencer Elvebak