20 August 2015

College Athletics Presentation

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Balancing Athletics and Academics David Thom

The balancing of Athletics and Academics is a juggling act, but one that needs to be understood as vital when preparing for college. Both the student and parents are
responsible for the execution of a plan promoting the importance of preparing for
college as a student and athlete. This course will touch on what needs to be done currently, in the near future, and as the student approaches a decision on a college. We will also cover what to expect once the student selects a school to attend. The material will cover both the rigors of academics as well as athletics and the need to balance these attributes to best prepare for college as a student and athlete.

M Sep 14 1 Session $15 6-8 pm FHS Lecture Hall
David Thom has a Master's degree in Athletic Administration from the University of St. Thomas, where balancing education and athletics in middle and high school became his research project.
He also has an MBA from Globe University and is currently a Corporate Financial Aid Manager assisting parents and students in financing their college education.

Thom is a former college athlete, founder of the Farmington Youth Athletic Association, and has coached many youth teams ranging from the very young to varsity level athletics. He is also currently a Minnesota State High School referee.
“Is the average
scholarship really less than $11,000?”
“I am hoping my child gets a college
athletic scholarship!”