14 August 2012

Beenken 2012 Tiger Iron Man

Darren Beenken totaled 4810 points (photo by Jim Lindquist)
Senior quarterback Darren Beenken finished first in two of of seven events and piled up 4810 total points to win the Tiger football team's annual Iron Man competition held on Monday, Aug. 13, the first day of fall practice.

Beenken placed first in one of the weight lifting categories, cleaning 255 pounds, and also tied for the top spot with Josh Boatwright in tire flips with 34, a new Iron Man record.

Other event winners included Alex Chadwick and Mac Bassett in the L-drill (7.1 seconds); Jack Erickson in the 40-yard dash (4.64 seconds); Reid Taubenheim in the vertical jump (33.5 inches); Nick Ruark in the bench press (278 pounds) and Jake LeClaire in the back squat (375 pounds).

Erickson's clocking in the 40-yard dash ranked fifth all-time in the event.

Beenken also recorded the highest aggregate total in the lifting events (clean, back squat and bench) with 891 pounds.

Fourth place finisher Jack Erickson recorded 30 tire flips
Ranking behind Beenken in the top ten in total points were Taubenheim 4541, Chadwick 4365, Erickson 4339, Mason Auge 4266, Mason Gaylor 4162, Ruark 4119 Kevin Clifton 3995, Athen Aston 3991 and Boatwright 3951.

Tiger strength and conditioning coach Scott Meier seemed encouraged by  some of the results from the annaul rite of fall practice.

"Definitely better than the last two years," he said. "In terms of team average for total points, this was the best team average since we moved to the new school.

Ninth place finisher Athen Ashton clocked 4.82 in the 40-yard dash
"The team average in the clean was the best out of all the tests. This was the one area that ranked above average for the 12 years we've done the competition.

"The vertical jump was average as well. L-drill times look like they improved quite a bit compared to the last couple of teams, but the back squat numbers were the lowest they have ever been."