02 March 2015

Tiger Fan Club Scholarships

Tiger Fan Club
Fan Club 2015 Scholarship Application

The Tiger Fan Club is pleased to announce that it is offering two $1,000.00 scholarships to senior student athletes from Farmington High School.  These scholarships are designed to celebrate the participation of students in athletics rather than their athletic prowess or accomplishments, and reflect an appreciation for those who have demonstrated hard work, commitment, and who recognize the importance of community and team.  One scholarship will be awarded to a male student athlete and one scholarship will be awarded to a female student athlete.

Criteria for Tiger Fan Club Scholarships

ü  Current full-time (12th Grade) students at Farmington High School.
ü  Participation in FHS sponsored athletic sports during grades 9 – 12 (participation does NOT have to be as a letter winner).
ü  Acceptance into any post-secondary school as a full time student, i.e., four year college, community college, trade school, technical college
ü  No violations of Minnesota State High School League’s (MSHSL) Student Code of Conduct on record.
ü  Complete the attached information packet, including:
o   List the FHS sport(s) that you were/are a registered participant
o   One written reference from a teacher (form attached)
o   One written reference from a coach (form attached)
o   Write and attach a School and Community Related Activities Resume (a listing of involvement in activities in school and your community during grades 9 – 12.  This is your chance to shine!   Feel free to brag about all you’ve done and honors you’ve received during your high school career.)
o   Write and attach a 100-500 word essay entitled “What Athletics Has Done for Me.”  Share with us some of the reasons you have participated in athletics, and how your experiences have helped shape you.  Let us know what have you learned or taken away from your athletic participation, and how the experience may help you in the future.

·       Scholarship funds are allocated from TFC fundraising associated with FHS sporting activities.
·       All applications must be returned to the FHS Guidance Office no later than 12:00 noon on April 30, 2015
·       Athletic participation and violation-free verification will occur after that time.
·       The Scholarship Selection Committee will not consist of any Tiger Fan Club Board members. 
·       Scholarship winners will be announced at the FHS Senior Awards Banquet on Wednesday May 27, 2015.
·       Scholarship monies are available after the winner presents verification of their first term attendance at the post-secondary institution of their choice to the Farmington High School Athletic Office.  Verification might include a copy of grades, letter from registrar or similar proof of attendance.