06 February 2015

Football booster info

Middle school families, future FHS football players, supporters and fans,
As some of you may know there has been a renewed focus to get individual booster clubs established to help our Farmington High School athletic programs participate and compete at their highest levels. With that being said Farmington Football is organizing to establish the Farmington Football Booster Club and we need your help.  Thanks to the Siegler, Groves, Bray, Reed and Fox families for leading our effort to this point. 
A meeting will be held at 7:00pm on Monday February 23, 2014 at Farmington High School in the large lecture hall to take the first official step in creating the booster club. 
Unfortunately, our contact database for invitations to this meeting is not complete and we want to ensure that all who enjoy Farmington Football (Especially those who currently or will eventually play in our Middle School and High School Football program) are invited.  Please help us spread the word and excitement.
We do have at least one person willing to be elected for each of the Executive Board Offices that are needed to officially operate the organization (Except for Treasurer).  Once the Executive Board has been voted into office there will be organized opportunities for everyone to help support our football program.
As an added bonus to attending this first meeting, our FHS Athletic Director will kick-off the meeting with an “insider’s update” to us on the status of the search for our future FHS head football coach.
To receive future communications directly from the football booster club or to volunteer your time and talent as the club treasurer (accounting experience preferred) please send an e-mail to John Reed at jdreed@bellsouth.net .  Please include your name(s), e-mail(s), phone # and your players name and what grade they are in this year.

We are loyal to you, Farmington……..(FHS school fight song reference)