17 February 2015

Girls Swim and Dive Booster Club Information

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February 17, 2015
Hello Parents and Supporters of the Farmington Lady Tigers Swim and Dive Team!
This is a reminder of the upcoming Lady Tigers Booster Club Kick-Off Meeting. The meeting will be Thursday, March 5th at 6:30 pm, FHS - Media Center (3rd Floor).
First off we wanted to make sure we have a clear definition of a Booster Club:
A booster club is a group that is formed to support an associated club, sports team, or organization. These clubs are generally run and organized by parents of the students in the supported organization. The main function is to develop support for the organization by coordinating events and fundraising efforts to help supplement any financial gaps. The fundraising dollars could be used to fulfill anything from coaching needs to equipment needs to overnight travel.
Some Benefits of the Booster club:
1) Help take some work off of the coaches. Reality is they have their hands full coaching all of our girls and we want them to be able to do that without distraction.
2) Help fund other needs for the program: Apparel for the team, reduce need for girls to sell door- to-door, new starting blocks ($7,000 ea.), etc…
3) There is no required commitment level, but any and all help is appreciated.
4) The level of participation could range from helping with concessions, organize overnight trip, help run various fundraising events (bean bag tournament, golf tournament, car wash etc.)
In advance of the meeting, we are looking for two things:
1) Names of those willing to volunteer their time and talent as members of the board of directors; and
2) Assure everyone who wants to be involved is invited.
Our soon to be formed Booster Club appears to be off to a great start with several families unselfishly offering their time, talent, and resources to help get this booster club up and running.
Below is a list of anticipated club officers and the names of volunteers who are interested in running for each office. Again, if you have any interest in helping on the board, please let Eddie Bray Edward.Bray@mosiac.com and Jen Marshall jmarshall@farmington.k12.mn.us know as these positions are all elected positions.
If you’re willing to volunteer and run for a position, please plan on speaking for 1-2 minutes at the meeting on why you want to be involved and how you’d be a great addition.
The Voting and Non-Voting Board Member positions are outlined below.
Voting Board Members: - Attends monthly meetings to conduct club business and act as official representative of the club.
1) President – Acts as Chief Executive Officer of the club and presides at club meetings. a) Eddie Bray; and b) Open for nominations
2) Vice President – Assistant to the President, acting president as needed. a) Open for nominations
3) Secretary – Records meeting minutes, assists with club business documents a) Kelly Dougherty; and b) Open for nominations
4) Treasurer – Records, reports and maintains official records of club income and expenses. a) Adrienne Jasinski; and b) Open for nominations
5) Communications Director – Coordinates with all Team Representatives, works with social media for the program a) OPEN for nominations
6) Fundraising Coordinator – a general representation position (potential future officer of the voting board) a) OPEN for nomination
Non-Voting (but participating) Board Members: Team Parents – Acts as the Liaison between the team class, the booster club and coaches. Maintain team contact database, coordinate information dissemination from booster club, coaches, etc. to ensure class/team unity, organization and an improved team support system.
1) 9th Grade Team Representative a) OPEN
2) 10th Grade Team Representative a) OPEN
3) 11th Grade Team Representative a) OPEN
4) 12th Grade Team Representative a) OPEN
Thank you for your time and support! If you have any other questions, please let us know.
Eddie Bray
Jen Marshall